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Braden Station, LLC is located in the C.T. McCraw building located on Highway 59, between I-40 and Highway 70 (Summer Avenue) in Braden, Tennessee. Braden Station, LLC is a restaurant featuring catfish and seafood while providing a “folksy” atmosphere.

The C.T. McCraw Company began operation in 1881 and was located across the road from where Braden Station is now. As the C.T. McCraw business grew, a cotton gin and sawmill was added. In 1908, the C.T. McCraw building was built and served as the community’s general store, hardware store, post office and bank. The C.T. McCraw Company was a cotton merchant business, as well.

The first floor of the building housed the general store, the local post office and the bank while cotton grading and buying operations took place on the second floor. The bank was located in the mezzanine area of the building where the original safe is still in place. Also, the C.T. McCraw building boasts the first elevator in Fayette County which goes from the basement to the second floor.

A small brick building located behind the main building was used to produce acetylene gas used to illuminate the building in place of electricity. In addition, a cemetery that pre-dates the civil war is located on the grounds.

In 1994, the general store closed operation and auctioned its inventory. The C.T. McCraw Company is still in business today, in its original location across the street from Braden Station. The C.T. McCraw Company is no longer cotton merchants but continues operations in property management and land rental. The C.T. McCraw Company and family owns approximately 13,000 acres in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

In 2002, the building was purchased by its current owners and in March of that year, renovation of the building began. The shelves and the floors are original to the building.

To dispel myths, the C.T. McCraw building was neither a hotel nor a train depot. The train depot was located across the tracks from the C.T. McCraw building. The name Braden Station was provided by a passerby that suggested the name during the building’s renovation.

We invite you to enjoy our food and atmosphere and hope that your dining experience is memorable. Braden Station is a smoke free environment.

Be safe. Spay or neuter your animals.

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